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We have 3 type of SAPGUI a) SAPGUI for Windows, b) SAPGUI for JAVA, c) SAPGUI for HTML. We know that SAPGUI for Windows is a big client (need more than 350 MB) hard disk space and high end PC (> 300 MHz with Windows 2000). Can we use SAPGUI for HTML to solve this problem? Will SAPGUI for HTML support all type of R/3 transaction including ABAP development Workbench? What is the requirement to use SAPGUI for HTML? We need ITS? What is the limitation of SAPGUI for HTML?

In order to minimize the required disk space for SAPGUI for Windows make sure that you only install the SAPGUI related components. The components you wish to install are dependent on your R/3 installation. If you only choose SAPGUI without additional components, the required disk space is about 53MB. But in this case specific local (native) development tools are not available e.g. SAP Automation with all related libraries.

You can always use SAPGUI for HTML to access R/3 functionality. On the client side, only a browser is required. Currently Internet Explorer 4 or higher is supported. In order to use SAPGUI for HTML you indeed need ITS 4.6 or higher. All R/3 versions from 3.1I are supported.

However, SAPGUI for HTML has some disadvantages:
- high network load; compared to SAPGUI for Windows performance is slower
- not all transactions are supported (but all mySAP.com applications are working)
- usability (specific features e.g. drag&drop is currently not supported)

Back to your initial question:
You can solve the hard disk space problem by using SAPGUI for HTML. But be prepared that your users are experiencing slower performance.

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