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SAPGUI crashing the Win95 clients

I am running a mixed network of windows 2000 and windows 95 clients across an NT4.0 Network connecting to a server...

in Switzerland over a kilostream link. The Windows 2000 pc's are Ok - no problems there. However, the Windows 95's crash using sapgui 4.6d version 4640.3.161.8842 after Switzerland upgraded to 4.6d and told us to use the new visual design. The error report says front.exe has caused a page fault which then freezes 95 machines. The front version is 4640.3.161.2132 They work Ok for a while, maybe 3-4 hours. Then the message appears and chucks people out of SAPGUI.

I recommend you upgrade to at least SAPGUI 4.6D compilation 4. Currently you seem to have compilation 3.

Also, see if you can get the latest release of SAPGUI version 6.10. This new version consumes less resources than its precedessors and it might help the Win95 clients.

Here is the version information on SAP FrontEnd 46D Compilation 4


SAPGUI for Win32

SAP Logon for Windows

Have you pinpointed the problem to a specific transaction or report the user run on the Win95 clients? If not then I do recommend you try upgrading to the new SAPGUI. You can order your free copy at http://www.sap.com/shop

This was last published in September 2001

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