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SAP vs. Oracle in the agricultural commodities process industry

Can you please tell me what advantages SAP offer over Oracle apps? In this case, for the agricultural commodities process industry. We are based in India and are on the lookout for an ERP solution.

We have problems in negotiating things as:
Goods reciept without a Purchase order
Stock transfer with out requisitions
Retrospective rate changes

Can you please help me?
I'd like to help but it is a fairly extensive process to list out the advantages of SAP vs. Oracle. Especially when looking at industry specific valuations, such as your case. A recent client within the consumer products industry conducted a similar study between Oracle and SAP and the project lasted a couple of months. You have to map individual processes within your organization and match them against the SAP/Oracle release to build GAP Analysis charts. Which, you can probably well imagine, would take a considerable amount of time. I've had the opportunity to work with both the SAP applications and Oracle Applications, and having worked with SAP for a much longer period I'd have a bias for SAP applications over Oracle.

My recommendation would be to set aside a small project team that would document the critical processes within your organization and map them against the functionality offered by SAP and Oracle applications.

In regards to your specific questions above, all I can tell you that these are possible in SAP, even though these are not considered as Best Practices within the procurement process.

Hope this helps. Best of luck on your ERP selection process.

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