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SAP support during mergers and acquisitions

Learn where to get support from SAP for handling business data during mergers and acquisitions in this expert tip.

Our company was recently purchased by another company, so we need to split our US and European markets by "splitting the instance," i.e., copying over the instance and deleting the data that is irrelevant to each. Can you please offer some advice on the best way to tackle this job and some things we need to watch out for?
Deleting or merging business data after a company split or acquisition is not an easy endeavor. The input of the SAP system administrator or Basis consultant is limited to the set-up of new hardware and the system copy. Merging or deleting data should be left in the hands of the different business units and customizing consultants.

The System Landscape Optimization Service is a special service offered by SAP to assist its customers in the adaptation...

of their SAP environments during mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Several customers of mine have used the SLO service during their mergers or divestitures. I consider it a must-have for these kind of critical business projects.

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