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SAP says it's working...but it's not

Our expert troubleshoots an instance where the startsap function worked, but some SAP was not responding.

When startsap is executed, the message shows that the database and instance has started. The startsap log also says the same, but SAP is not working. I observed the following things:

I logged in as oraSID and checked sapdba.

SAPMBD: 620, not connected

When I checked the process in OS level, none of the Oracle processes are running except listener. Only a few of the SAP process were running.

OS: Solaris 9 DB: Oracle 9.x.x.x SAP R/3 4.71

How do I proceed? Please help.

I need a little more information than this in order to troubleshoot properly. However, have a look in the following files:
  • The startsap log file which resides in the home directory of <sid>adm.
  • The Oracle alert file which resides in /oracle/<SID>/saptrace/background. Standard naming convention is alert<SID>.log.
  • The SAP developer traces which reside in /usr/sap/<SID>/<INSTANCE>/work. There should be a trace file for each work process (naming convention dev_w<number>). The dispatcher logs its messages in dev_disp, the message server uses file dev_ms.

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