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SAP logon functionality in J# and C#

I am using the SAP JCo to enable my company to write our own reporting engine for PA. I started writing the application using VB to get a rapid prototype. Now that people have seen what it can do I began to port it to J#, C#, and J2EE. However, when using VB, I was able to make use of the SAP logon screen, similar to the one used in the BEx Analyzer. However, in J# and C# I cannot get this same functionality. What am I doing wrong or is this hook not exposed in these languages? Thanks!

You are probably referring to the logon dialog built into the SAP Logon Control (OCX). This is not standard RFC functionality, but was custom-developed for this control. You should be able to easily write an equivalent dialog (something I have done for the SAP DCOM Connector; send me an email if you want to try this freeware component). If there is enough interest, I might be persuaded to provide a similar component for JCo.

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