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SAP jobs in Asia

I have grown from being an end user in a manufacturing environment, then jumped onto the SAP banwagon in 1996 and have since switched from MM to FI/CO with Treasury. For the last 5-7 years I have been dual-hatting project management roles cum FI/CO lead. I have been a freelancer for the last 3 years and I am now taking PMI certifition as I am not an IT graduate. Being in Asia, opportuninty for senior guys like me to get exposure to ND products of SAP seems scarce. I am thinking about looking around in Europe or USA, but I understand that you mentioned it is a desert out there.... What would you recommend for someone in my situation?
I'm no expert on the Asian SAP market, so take anything I say with a grain of salt. If you're willing to work outside of Asia, give it a try. Send your resume out there; get the word out to recruiters that you're willing to work internationally. NEVER take my word for it when it comes to which countries are hiring in SAP and which are not. I hope all my readers make a note of that. Country-wide predictions aren't very useful. Everyone's skills are different. If you can't find jobs overseas, you'll have to refine your approach and look at some options for skills enhancement. In your particular situation, you may do better emphasizing hands-on FI/CO work, which would give you more options in the contract market. Project management skills are a lot harder to export from project to project. Not every company agrees on what makes a good project manager, whereas hands-on skills are more objectively assessed. One thing you could do is to look at getting SEM certification/training. SEM would build on your dual strengths in FI/CO and project management by pushing you towards executive-level decision support and financial planning. You can learn more about SEM if you read the SEM consulting interview I am running as the feature article on www.mySAPcareers.com. Good luck.

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