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SAP billing for e-procurement

Common strategies for SAP billing, including middleware requirements, are discussed by our expert.

We have an e-procurement solution which enables us to integrate orders and receipts into SAP (we have SAP R/3 4.6C). My objective is to go on with self billing with those e-suppliers. I heard about ERS in the SAP FI module. My questions are:

1. Can we set parameters to choose between self-billing or normal invoices (in case of some suppliers refuse the self-billing)?

2. Can SAP send the order once the order and receipt have been integrated to the e-suppliers (using the Internet and not EDI)? What format should I use and how do I put in place?

3. How do I run the ERS functionality in SAP FI? The invoice was sent to the supplier due to the receipt made in SAP?

I thank you for your answers on this subject.

This looks like a classic middleware orchestration scenario to me. I cannot give advice in a few phrases here, but here are some basics:

1. I can say of course you can choose between self-billing and invoicing, this is normal SD customizing.

2. I do not fully understand. If you mean can you send an order confirmation when all procurement orders are affected, then of course you can. This is all hidden in SAP output messaging by defining appropriate conditions for message findings. The messages (in table NAST) will then trigger posting the docs, e.g., via IDocs, and then forward them electronically in a form that you require. Maybe you will need a middleware to do the conversion job here. When you mean with "Internet" the HTTP-Post, this is possible.

3. I also have a problem understanding this question but it sounds like a typical SD scenario. Solving it in FI may be possible but would be not the first choice. Maybe I understand wrong as well, because you say you wrote an invoice to a supplier, normally the supplier bills you.

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