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SAP authorization expert without Basis experience

I have 4+ years hands-on experience in SAP authorizations and SAP CA940 certification. I was unable find a job as most of the positions wanted Basis skills along with the SAP authorization experience. Could you tell me how to find a job exclusively in authorization? Has the trend changed? Have corporations finally realized that Basis and authorizations should not be handled by the same individual?
Well, you may be ahead of your time, but I talked with a couple SAP staffing gurus about this, and they both swear that the future of SAP will include a role for security and authorizations specialists. Of course, this role might span to include more than just core SAP: it might include authorizing access to BW, for example. Recently, I saw a couple of very interesting BW/Security positions. Yes, you're right, security is still often thought of as a subset of Basis, but while I believe that all Basis consultants need to have some knowledge of security, I do think that there will be a role on projects - at least large ones - for SAP security specialists. Now, we're not talking about real sexy stuff here. Spending the day setting up and authorizing SAP system access is not exactly as exciting as fighting hackers and other high-profile duties that an enterprise security specialist might get involved with. But you're right - authorizations is a complex enough area that companies should hire a specialist for. But in the meantime, it can't hurt you to learn more about Basis technologies, and how SAP handles security in version 4.7, in BW, and in other mySAP-related products.

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