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SAP authorization and security classes

What classes/workshops do you recommend to a professional that is working in the area of SAP Authorization/security? One important thing I do deal with auditors that audit our SAP system.

There are 4 classes that deal with security in the SAP landscape:

ADM 940 R/3 Authorization concept
ADM 950 Secure SAP system management
ADM 960 Security in SAP system environment
BW365 BW authorization concept

More Information about the security Curriculum at: http://www.sap.com/usa/education/curriculum/curriculum.asp?rid=348&vid=2

If you have very little experience in SAP software, I suggest you take the SAPTEC, which will give you the background to understand the terminology of the SAP environment and landscape.

I suggest ADM940 if you are going to be involved in R/3 application security, managing users and what functions they can perform on the R/3 system.

The ADM950 class my also interest you since if deals mainly in auditing procedures and best practices for security.

The ADM 960 class is only meant for SAP landscape security, topics such as Data encryption, network security, routers, firewalls, etc..

If your company also decides to implement BW or and application that runs on a BW database such as SEM, CRM, APO, I would suggest that you also take BW365 class.

You will also find extensive information at service.sap.com/security

Hope that helps.

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