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SAP and mergers/aquisitions

What are the major issues involved in a Business running SAP taking over a new non-SAP company and trying to merge the new enterprise into its existing system? Are there any case studies of this type of acquisition/merger available?

Some things to consider when merging a non-SAP company into your SAP company:
- Temporary processes - confirm the new company has systems in place and a method to consolidate with your company until you implement SAP.
- Licensing agreements - does the legacy system expire on a certain date, giving you a hard deadline for your SAP implementation?
- Infrastructure - SAP access and printing will be available at new sites on required date.
- SAP configuration - you could use your existing SAP business processes and do a gap/fit with the new company. Using the existing processes where possible. Determining what are the areas that will require new configuration and processes to be developed.
- Historical data - how much history is required? How will it be translated and loaded to SAP?
- Current data - a plan to move existing databases into SAP and merged with your existing Data.
- People and culture - share information and terminology. I like to include the new people on the project team wherever possible.
- Training - courses and documentation to train new users.
- Golive plan - when will SAP start to function at the new sites? Develop a detailed plan for support.

I have not seen any documented case studies, but I'm sure they must be out there.

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