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SAP Web services overview

I work for one of the big five consulting firms and I need to do a presentation of what SAP is doing and how they are implementing Web services. Do you have any information on this?

SAP's new WEB Application Server (WAS) is truly a next generation of industrial strength web services engine (version 6.20) that supports J2EE and ABAP personalities; supports common WEB Browsers and wireless devices; supports Java Server Pages (JSP) and Business Server Pages (SAP's Centric); supports Java, ABAP, Java Connector (JCo) as primary programming languages; and uses RFC, HTTP (S), SMTP, and SOAP/XML connectivity protocols.

In nutshell, SAP is spending a lot of resources on WEB technology and it seems that SAP is focusing more towards J2EE instead of Microsoft .NET platform. There are several presentations and white papers at the SAP Web site that you may find interesting.

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