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SAP Services won't start automatically

Today I restarted my production server, but when I tried to start the SAP Services with MMC it wouldn't work. When...

I checked the windows services, it turned out the SAP(SID)_00 services was not started automatically even though I specified it as automatic. Now this problem occurs every time when I restart or shutdown the production server. I have to start SAP(SID)_00 service manually. How I should start the service with startup type automatic? R/3 info =========== OS : Windows 2000 Server R/3 : 4.6B RDBMS : Oracle 8.0.6 R/3 Kernel : 4.6D

The SAP(SID)_XX (where XX = instance number) starts successfully if the database starts successfully. If you have the service set to automatic startup but it still fails to do so when the OS is booting up, it could be timing out. Have you looked at the System Log in Event Viewer? You can add a dependency to the service so it won't try to start right away. You could also script the start of the RDBMS and SAP and then schedule a task to start upon boot. You can this way put as the first step a "sleep" command for maybe 3-5 minutes at least to let the OS start all its services.

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