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SAP Security Analysts salary

I have questions about salaries for SAP Security Analysts. Here's my story. I am part of 3 person security team (2 full-time employees and 1 consultant), that is part of an implementation upgrade of SAP 3.1h to 4.7 Enterprise. When the project is over, there might be an opportunity to have a job in an support role for SAP security. I will be one of only 2 people in a 700 million company who have 2 years experience in SAP 4.7 security. My question is: What is an appropriate salary for a full time employee as an SAP Security Analyst?
I always like getting salary questions, though they are usually hard to answer. It sounds to me like you'll be in pretty good shape skill-wise after your 4.7 upgrade, but remember this: every company has a different internal salary structure. Even if you're worth 15K more than you're getting paid, your company is never going to pay you more than your manager. So, to get the money you want, you might have to hit the open market and go to the "higher bidder." Companies used to try to keep SAP folks happy by giving SAP "hot skills" bonuses to their SAP people. This way, they could provide market-driven compensation without altering the base salary structure and upsetting the apple cart of management morale. I liked that solution, but those kinds of bonuses are hard to come by these days. Unfortunately, it's pretty rare to get a raise just by getting some hot skills. The way you get a better salary, unfortunately, is by testing the market. Or becoming a manager.

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