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SAP SRM jobs in US/Canada

I have 5 years of functional experience in procurement and strategic sourcing. I also have 3 years of SAP MM consulting experience that includes 10 months in SRM in SRM MM-SUS scenario during the ramp-up phase. I'm presently doing EBP for same client. With this background, are there openings for someone like me in US/Canada?
The best way to find that out is by going to the major job boards and check out your prospects. SearchSAP.com also has their own career center where you can do that, so check out their career center listings and you'll get a sense of exactly how much experience companies are looking for. In general, your overall SAP experience seems light, but your SRM and EBP skills could be the key. I would prefer to see you stay put with your current firm and see if you can build on those SRM and EBP skills further, but if you need to move, you'll find out pretty quickly how marketable those skills are. It's hard for me to say without seeing your full resume, but in terms of landing a contract as an SAP expert, I don't think you have enough MM or EBP, but your niche SRM skills might get you a gig. Hard to say for sure though. A bit more SRM/EBP and you'd be in better shape.

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