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SAP R/3 as Master and CRM 3.0 as Slave

We have 5 SAP R/3 system (ver 4.0b - 4.6c) and are implementing CRM 3.0. We would like to have SAP R/3 as a Master for customers and CRM as a Slave (i.e Create customer master data in R/3 and only have CRM for change and display.)

What is the best way to structure this scenarion? Your response will be highly appreciated.

The leading system is defined based on the level of CRM application being used. It is recommended to use CRM as the Lead system if mySAP CRM system is used to support full cycle of Customer engagement, Transaction support and Order fulfillment. The general trend I have observed is phased rollout which is preferred to Global Rollout in CRM Implementations. Using R/3 as leading system makes sense in phased rollout because some of the divisions/business units still uses R/3 for Master data entry.
Caution: Number ranges has to be designed carefully if CRM system going to be the lead system after Rolling out the CRM Application to all the divisions or Business units.

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