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SAP HR security assignments for authorized managers

Expert Corwin Slack addresses an SAP HR Portal access security concern

We have built a batch program for SAP HR security. This program auto-assigns Manager Self-Service security for SAP HR Portal access to all employees who are org unit chiefs every night. This saves us the need to do manual security assignments to new managers every day, since the logic is defined and consistent. Our current SAP instance is US only; we plan to begin to roll out internationally in the next few months. Are their technical reasons we would need to change the batch program for it to support non-US countries?
It is difficult to give authoritative answers about customer developments and innovations that are not part of the SAP standard. On the surface it would seem that there would be no problem if you are just extending the organization structure to add international employees, managers and organization units. It would be imprudent to say anything further.

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