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SAP HR data structures in PM and OM modules

I need some information about the data structure in SAP HR, in PM and OM modules.

1. Can I connect via ODBC to a SAP database in order to read some information related to persons and departments? I am interested especilally by the assignments' attributes Departments-Employees. It is possible to do this?

2. Is there a place where I can find an explanation of the structures and relations between tables and objects form SAP HR?

3. I ask this because we have an orgcharting solution that can be interfaced due to a Database Connection tool to many HRIS. We did this for PeopleSoft and Oracle Applications. Thoughts?
1. Yes, it is possible to directly connect to SAP to get this information. You will need to do it through an RFC call unless you find an extremely flexible company that will allow a direct connection to their database. I would not advise it as a matter of practice.

2. No, not really. There are a few general patterns but no diagram showing exactly what relates to what and how the relationship occurs. I have seen several examples of connection programs written in VBA, VB and C++ to access the type of information you would be interested in but you would still need to know what you are looking for to retrieve the information.

A few keys that hold true most of the time when dealing with HR data (nnnn is a 4 digit number):
PAnnnn tables contain employee data.
HRPnnnn tables contain organizational/object data.
PBnnnn tables contain applicant data.

3. If I were going to do something like this I would spend time learning the structure of logical database PCH because this database holds the information for organizational charts in SAP.

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