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SAP Financials expert in search of a niche

Since 6 years I am working mainly in the SAP Finance modules. As all major companies are more or less equipped with SAP Finance and many people are around with similar qualifications, I am wondering in which direction I should go. I have very good FI, AA and TR module knowledge. Furthermore, I could do the basic configuration for CO-CCA and PCA and Internal Orders and I have some high-level knowledge of IM, FM and Travel. My experience is hands-on, from blueprint to support with some project managemenet experience. I can't program but can read and de-bug ABAP code.
Sounds like you have the ideal 80/20 functional-technical mix I recommend for functional folks. It's good to know how to debug some ABAP code, and overall you have a good depth of knowledge. One thing I'd like to correct: Treasury is not an area of SAP that most companies are running. Therefore, I think Treasury/Funds Management can be a pretty nice niche if you're one of the handful of people who have really deep skills implementing those modules. When it comes to Treasury, FM, and Travel, I don't agree that there are tons of consultants who have those skills. That doesn't mean these are good niches for you, but it's something to keep in mind. Looking ahead, as you may know, I recommend that consultants choose a "visionary" mySAP-related skill, and also a core R/3 type skill to get you through until the mySAP products take firmer hold. In your case, I'd recommend that your mySAP target area would be SEM. Surely, SEM is the ultimate realization of financial functional knowledge within SAP. As you study the pathway to SEM, I think you'll find that it leverages analytical capabilities that are fostered within the CO-PA area of R/3. For that reason, even if you can't get SEM experience right now, simply getting more CO-PA exposure would be a good next step.

The key to breaking into new areas of SAP is to figure out the little steps that will get you there. This kind of market supports "baby steps" rather than big skills leaps. Most folks don't study the product carefully enough to break down the steps, and as a result, they don't get what they want. They invest in expensive new training courses, but the projects aren't forthcoming. So, be practical and break down your career path to SEM step by step. Then, give yourself a backup to that SEM niche with a core R/3 skill. A good next step is simply trying to get 4.7 FI exposure. I'm not sure you're in such bad shape at the moment. In my articles on hot skills I've written on mySAPcareers.com this year, FI/CO consultants are pretty high on the list. In addition to 4.7 exposure, which would be great, simply having strong 4.6C upgrade experience is no small thing. Lots of companies are in the midst of 4.6C upgrades, and you could play a role. It may seem to you like Portals or EBP skills are more in demand than FI/CO, but I'm not sure that's the case. True, there are fewer Portals consultants than FI/CO consultants, but there are also a lot less Portals projects. I'm glad you're pushing yourself to look ahead, but you may not need to look too far from your current skills in the short term. If you're finding the going a little tricky, that just lumps you in with the rest of the SAP consultants out there.

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