SAP Basis best practices for transferring a client from one server to another

Learn how to transfer a client from one server to another in this administration tip from Basis guru Giovanni Davila.

We are configuring a complete system for a customer on our system. After the entire testing is completed, we want to transfer the entire configuration to our customer's production server. What is the best way to transfer a client from one server to another? Please remember that these systems are at different geographical locations and not on a network.
You can export the configuration via SCC8 and then import it into the target system/client. Use one of these copy profiles: SAP_CUST or SAP_UCUS or SAP_UCSV if you also want to copy the user master records. Once exported, you can copy the transport files via FTP and then import the client via STMS and complete it via SCC7.

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