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SAP BI basics for someone getting started in a business intelligence job

If you're looking for SAP BI basics, start with this tip, where an expert explains the best way to get started in a business intelligence job.

I just started a job working on SAP business intelligence (BI) and am not entirely sure of the scope of my position. I think part of my role is to talk to the users of data to find out the data items that they use in the current system and then work out what they are in the SAP world. I guess I'm asking about the basics. Are there any general tips you can give me?
The answer depends on how your team has been set up and what your responsibilities are in the team. In an SAP BI team, you can be in any of three main areas: 1)A Basis/technical consultant, which I doubt you are; 2)A BI developer; or 3)A functional person. If you have a lot of interaction with the end users, you can work with them to gather their reporting requirements and, based on your role, you can work with the rest of the team to design and develop the application in BI.

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