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SAP BI/BW or SAP CRM for a lucrative career?

Our expert weighs in on the advantages that separate modules, like BI/BW and CRM, have against each other.

I have been working with analytical CRM for one year. What do you think is more lucrative, BI/BW or CRM? Will mere training on these modules be sufficient for a good career?
Career selection should be based on what your interests and long-term goals are. If your intention is just to have a safe job which will give you decent pay, both these areas are really good.

SAP BW has been in the market for the past eight years and CRM is relatively new. You will see more job requirements in SAP BW and for the same reason you will face more competition. Just a training won't be good enough to have a good career in any area. It is the effort you put in that counts. My suggestion is whichever area you choose, gain very good knowledge and experience in that area by giving your best effort.

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