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Running mySAP mobile on PDAs

Hi Phil, I'm not an IT guy, but we're staged to implement SAP in 18 mos. Part of my strategies for Customer Service is the implementation of PDA us for our key customers. Is it possible to run mySAP mobile on the PDA's even before migrating from BPCS to SAP?

I applaud your strategy to provide information to your key customers. We too have a major imitative to establish a "1 to 1 Relationship" with our strategic customers. Today, many PDA devices (Palm, Compaq iPaq, Visor, etc.) provide you with Internet capabilities. The major benefit that mySAP mobile provides today is that they have developed the interfaces (such as with E-Procurement module - http://www.sap.com/solutions/e-procurement/) that can make specific calls to your SAP instance. These calls are made through the eXtended Markup Language (XML) and SAP's Business Connector toolkit. This toolkit is free (downloadable from their website). The mySAP solutions are basically using these Business Connector modules and XML and sending information to a website.

So simply put, all you need is a Web savvy individual with XML experience, the Business Connector toolkit and some programming time. You can make specific calls into the SAP database such as On-hand inventory, Pricing details, Order Status, etc. Since this can be done with Business Connector, it an also be done with mySAP mobile modules even before your migration.

Hope this answers your question.

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