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Running multiple production instances on one box

We are planning to implement 3 SAP Production instances on one box with 20 Gb as swap space on hpux 11, 64 bit....

Will it effect anything? Please advise.

Since you are 64-bit, you will be able to run three instances without any memory issues (under 32-bit you would have to deal with the 1.75 gig limitation under HPUX) But, performance will likely suffer unless these are 'small' systems. You didn?t mention how much memory you have, but depending on the system load, you might have to go up to 6 gig plus. I work with a system that has three SIDs on one box but they are all NON-PRODUCTION. Since the three you are going to co-locate are PRODUCTION, I would tend to think you might need more like 12 gig or more but this totally depends on the system load you will encounter. The one thing I would watch out for when using this methodology is that a Unix level or hardware level outage will effect all three instances. I try to balance separation of hardware (having multiple pieces of separate hardware) with manageability (trying to consolidate where possible so that many pieces of hardware don?t have to be managed at once). In general, I would tend to recommend consolidation of NON-PRODUCTION as opposed to PRODUCTION (but depending on the situation it might make sense).

This was last published in December 2001

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