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Running SAP on Oracle on Windows 2003

Is this a viable setup? Expert Bert Vanstechelman shares some thoughts.

We plan to upgrade our R/3 40B (running Oracle8x on NT cluster) to R/3 4.7 running Oracle 9x on a Windows 2003 cluster. The hardware platform is planned to be on HP Blade servers to be able to utilize an existing HP Class-C Blade enclosure, thus effectively share the Blade enclosure with other existing systems.

What experiences can you share in this respect - on existing SAP implementations, running -R/3 4.7 on Oracle 9x and Windows 2003 cluster and on HP blade hardware technology? Is this combination possible/viable?

Many customers run SAP R/3 on Oracle in Windows environments. These installations are known to be very stable and many are used in 24x7 environments. If you take SAPs installation requirements and recommendations into account, you should be fine. Just keep in mind that in clustered environments many installation and maintenance tasks need to be performed on both nodes.

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