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Run a program to find name changes in the user ID history

Security expert Corwin Slack describes how to find name changes in the history of a particular user ID.

Where can I obtain information on changes of first and last name for a particular user ID? One user ID was held by few different owners at different intervals and I want to know which particular staff member did an update to a data during a certain period of time.

I already noticed that there is no historical information on the user's first and last name.

There is no delivered solution that I am aware of. In later versions of SAP you can look up the user name in table ADR7 and then find the last name and first name associated with the corresponding person number in table ADRP. You'll want to try to correlate these changes to the addition and delete records in the change history reports in transaction SUIM.

The following program (used in conjunction with the change documents reports in transaction SUIM to find date ranges) can assist you in resolving the names assigned to a user ID.

report  zaddresslookup.

data: wa_adr7 type adr7.
data: wa_adrp type adrp.
data: i_adr7 type adr7 occurs 0.

parameters: uname like usr02-bname obligatory.

select * from adr7 into table i_adr7 where
   uname = uname.

loop at i_adr7 into wa_adr7..
  select single * from adrp into wa_adrp
         where  persnumber  = wa_adr7-persnumber.
  if sy-subrc = 0.
    write:/ wa_adr7-uname,
    wa_adr7-persnumber,  wa_adrp-name_last, wa_adrp-name_first.

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