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Role transportation issues

I have some problems with Role transportation. The user compare step is not complete when I import Role to Production. T-code PFCG shows a yellow light in User compare tab. Do you have a solution for this problem?

You need to adjust the user master records. In Production, run PFCG, enter the activity group name and click on Change. Then, Click on the "User" tab or section. Click on the "User compare" button and then on "Complete compare".

Fortunately, you can schedule the report PFCG_TIME_DEPENDENCY to run daily so you don't have to adjust the user master records manually all the time.

Here is how to schedule this report:
1. Run transaction PFUD (User Master Data Reconciliation).
2. Select ?Schedule or check job for full reconciliation?.
3. Click on the Execute button.
4. Enter a job name in the ?Job name? field.
5. Enter a valid start date for the report to start automatically.
6. Click on the Execute button.
7. Click on Continue (green checkmark) when prompted to create the job using default values.
8. Enter a job name or just the default one.
9. Specify a job class.
10. Click on Save (disk icon).

You should schedule this report to run during off-peak hours.

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