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Roadmap to an SAP career for doctors

Even doctors want to transition to SAP. In this expert response, Jon Reed advises how to best shift from industry to industry.

I am a medical doctor seeking a new career path. Becoming an SAP expert seems to appeal to me -- though I must confess that the renumeration has also boosted my interest. Coming from a medical background, what SAP category should I pay the most attention to? What are my chances in this new career path?
This is the first question I have ever gotten from a doctor trying to get into SAP. I would be surprised if you can make more money in SAP than you could be being a doctor. If I were you, I'd probably look to find a clear way to take advantage of your medical background, such as becoming some kind of high-end medical researcher or consultant. Perhaps there are health care consulting firms who can use someone with your experience and credentials.

The fact of the matter is that your background as a doctor doesn't really give you an edge in an SAP career. If I were you, I'd be looking for a career shift that took more advantage of your current skills. Having said that, obviously SAP has a lot of market penetration in the pharmaceutical industry, so perhaps that would be a good area to look if you are determined to break into SAP -- for example, apply to SAP-related positions at pharmaceutical companies.

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