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Risks when consolidating multiple interface into one single system

We have 19 SAP different physical servers across India running different modules and application. We are currently in the process of combining all these 19 servers into one. The problem: these servers have different interfaces running on them, e.g. from SAP to legacy and legacy to SAP. When combining servers, what kind of kind problem might arise? Are there any areas I have to give special attention to during this process?
Well, the first question asked is: Are the interfaces designed for the new system? Do the previous systems have specific modifications that have to be re-implemented in the target system? Is it guaranteed that the interfaces do not send the same data from different legacies, so that data may be conflicting between interfaces? Are some interfaces redundant? Are there enough dialogue work process available on the target machine to take care of all the interfaces?

The interfaces should be scheduled in such a way that they send data in the proper order and do not try to lock each others' objects.

Apart from this and abiding by the usual guidelines for system consolidations, I see no special risks.
This was last published in August 2003

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