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Rewriting applications before an upgrade

What's the best way to rewrite applications that are incompatible with a pending upgrade? The best method might be to wait, says expert Matt Billingham.

We are in the process of re-writing two applications currently in COBOL batch mainframe to real-time SAP using ABAP. We are also planning to upgrade from R/3 4.6C to mySAP ERP within the next year. Also, with this we would like to incorporate ESS/MSS and possibly portals in one fashion or another with these new applications -- this step would be a phase two. What would be the best method to rewrite these applications technically to keep us on track for these other projects on the horizon? We currently do not use the OO programming method in ABAP with anything else. Should we be doing this?
Given that you're going to upgrade, I'd hold off development until you are in the new environment, if possible. However, I appreciate that it might not always be possible to do that. My view is the OO programming in ABAP will become more and more important, so the more object-oriented code you can use in your application in R/3 4.6C, the better. However, you will find that old-fashioned ABAP will still be usable for the near future, so it isn't critical that it is pure, or nearly pure, object code.

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