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Reversing accounting postings with TBB2

I am trying to reverse accounting postings that were created using TBB1 by using TBB2 and I keep getting the message "no flows exist for processing." We are auto releasing the flows and are not settling the deals. I'm having a brain cramp.

Why can't I reverse the accounting postings? Where in the config is this enabled?
It is not a configuration setting that you are missing. You simply can not reverse the general ledger accounting postings unless you first go back into the original Treasury Contract (whatever type of contract it is) and reverse the cash flows directly in the contract. This can be done by either reversing the entire contract and thereby reversing all relevant flows for that contract or by reversing individual cash flows on the cash flow tab. Once you have reversed the desired flows in the contract the relevant accounting postings will become available for reversal using TBB2.

This was last published in August 2004

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