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Retrieving table contents with JSP

This reader trying to create a small JSP page that will retrieve the contents of some tables. Expert Austin Sincock helps to analyze the code sample.

Using the examples of JCo and RFC functions found on this site I am trying to create a small JSP page that will retrieve the contents of some tables for me. I am very new to SAP but not to Java.

My code is the following:
// Get a function template from the
IFunctionTemplate ftemplate = repository.getFunctionTemplate("RFC_READ_TABLE");

// Create a function from the template
JCO.Function function = new JCO.Function(ftemplate);
JCO.ParameterList tables = function.getTableParameterList(); 

If I understand correctly the output should show something? but I only get:
----------------- | PARAMETERS 'TABLES' ----------------- | DAT| FIELD| OPTION| ----------------- |0123|456789|0123456| ----------------- |TAB5|RFC_DB|RFC_DB_| ----------------- 
...Which leads me to believe I have not set a property or value or something? In the ST03 transaction you have the option to "Survey Graphics". This is the data that I'm trying to retreive and store in secondary database. Any help or at least a direction to head in?
You are getting the right response, as far as the Java statement's execution goes. The getTableParameterList()-method returns the internal structure or metadata for any in/outbound tables in the RFC interface. Simply printing that structure to the command console will only result in the display of that structure. This is exactly what you are seeing. In order to retrieve any table data, you must populate the appropriate import parameters (QUERY_TABLE would be best) then execute the call to SAP using JCO.Client.execute(function). I recommend using the Function Builder (SE37) to test the RFC_READ_TABLE for the data you need to retrieve. This will also help you better understand how to use this RFC through JCo.

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