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Retrieving multiple reports from SAP and saving in spreadsheet format

I download numerous reports every month from SAP - eg profit + loss; budget comparisons - into Excel. The only reason for this is that I have to "pretty up" the data before it goes out to management. Is there a way to call SAP, get it to run the reports & save them on the hard drive in spreadsheet format, without having to run them individually? This is timeconsuming & tiring. Please help! Note: I am quite good with vb, but hopeless with BAPI.

I see two ways to approach this situation:
1. You could schedule the reports to run periodically in the background, specify an output device with no immediate print nor deletion after printing. This eliminates the need to run them one by one. You can then display their output in SM37 (Job Overview). Find the report and display the spool list. Then, select System -> List -> Save -> Local file -> Spreadsheet to save it into a spreadsheet. This is not the best solution as you still have to do the formatting in Excel.

2. Use a third-party tool such as Seagate Crystal Reports or Seagate Info to run the reports for you. Crystal is a great tool to schedule reports and get the data in the format you want it to be. However, it is not only an additional piece of software to purchase but you also need to be familiar with the tables involved to be able to come up with a similar report to the one in SAP.

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