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Restricting the Organizational Structure

Expert Sachin Sethi explains which transactions can be used to restrict access to Web administrators based on particular authorizations and how to use them. Also, check out Sachin's new book!

We will be working on SRM 4.0. In our case, we may have different companies in the same client. Hence we wish to restrict Web administration from each company to only certain parts of the orginizational plan. Can you please let me know if there is a way to restrict a Web administrator based on authorizations to only certain Company codes?

Can you also let me know when your book will be out in the market?

In regards to your question on Organization Structure, yes you should be able to restrict the Organizational Structure. This can be done using transactions OOSP and OOSB.

First you create the authorization profiles in OOSP (also assign which Org Nodes in the profile maintenance) and as a second step in OOSB, assign appropriate users that need to maintain the Organization Structure.

In regards to your other question about my book, it is currently scheduled to be released in February 2007. Click here for details.

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