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Restricting field access

I have a question in regards to data security. Is there a way of controlling authority at field level without losing authority to at least display a table in the data browser (SE16) etc. We want our support desk/developers to be able to display fields in a table but block viewing of important information that cannot be shown. Please let me know.

To my knowledge, there is no way to restrict field access through SE16. An option may be to create your own view of the table (SM30) and only display the columns in the table that you want displayed. You can try a user exit with SE16 to restrict by field, but I don't recall if one exists. Next option would be a core-mod change… which I can never recommend.

I think the bigger issue here would be determining what you are trying to restrict and why. I was once on an HR project where we had developers needing to access personal information to determine if conversions were working correctly during payroll testing. Naturally, this was a big no-no… since the developers were sitting in another country which did not have any privacy restrictions. The solution was to scramble the data; it allowed for the developers to do their job and gave me peace of mind that employee data was not in "harm's way".

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