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Restricting change access to transaction CO02 without using a core mod

I have a client who wishes to restrict change access to certain fields of transaction CO02 (Change Production Order) for certain users. The restricted CO02 fields should still appear for these users as they normally would, but in display mode. They should not be changeable. I am a 9-year ABAP programmer and I figured out a way to do it using a core mod, but core mods are not permitted here. Is there any way to accomplish this using standard SAP security?
The best way to do this is to create a transaction variant using transaction SHD0. You should make your new variation of this the default variant for transaction CO02, and if necessary ,keep a wide open version of CO02 that you assign to a transaction on customer name space. This is not a modification of SAP delivered code. Remember that if CO02 is called in an interface program you may need to change the call to your wide open variant of the transaction.

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