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Report problems when creating a vacancy

I was trying to create a vacancy in our SAP system, but encountered some type of error. I found that in the standard report program RPAPRT01, there was a call to the subroutine FILL_TEXT_HEADER, but that subroutine is missing in the program. When I saw the attributes for the same, I found that the program was last modified by SAP on 04-30-2002. Out of curiosity, I searched for the same in some other SAP system. I found that subroutine in that system. After seeing the attributes, I came to know that the same program was modified by SAP on 12-17-2002. But I there is no OSS notes for the same. How can I overcome this problem so that I can create a vacancy?

The best way to overcome this problem is to send in an OSS note. The note could possibly be logged wrong. They should know how to overcome the problem fairly quickly, most likely by sending the routine to you for an insert on your own. This could have been caused by a failure during application of updates from SAP.

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