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Replicating vendor data from the back-end R/3 system in SRM

Describes how to replicate vendor data from the back-end R/3 system in SRM. MySAP SRM expert Sachin Sethi advises a new user.

We are learning SRM right now. Could you tell me how to replicate the vendor data from the back-end R/3 system? We tried using the BBPGETVD trans. code. How are the catalogs related to the vendor organization?

Depending on the SRM release you have, you may have the option to manually replicate or automatically synchronize the vendor master from R/3.

Once you have the business partner number range configuration complete, and the appropriate org structure for vendors created in EBP, you can execute the BBPGETVD transaction to replicate the vendors. If you get any errors, please review "SLG1" for application logs.

For catalogs, when you exchange data via the OCI interface, the vendor is one of the elements that is passed back to your SRM system. I'm not sure in what context you asked that question.

Sachin Sethi

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