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Replicating material types to EBP

How do you replicate R/3 material types to EBP as a product category so that you can see them in the drop-down box when creating a shopping cart?
The standard replication procedure from R/3 into EBP downloads the materials and material groups for selection within the shopping cart interface. The other elements related to the materials, eg. material types and service types, are a part of the product subtype hierarchy in EBP and unfortunately are not available as selection options within the shopping cart interface. There does not exist any standard configuration setting that would allow what you're looking for.

Obviously I'm not aware of the business process you're planning to achieve with this functionality but here is a thought: You might want to attempt creating a new customer field in the shopping cart, and linking the F4 help for the field to the SubType Hierarchy. This would allow you to select the Material types in the shopping cart. Obviously this would require development.

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