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Replicating R/3 shipto-addresses into EBP 3.5

We are currently developing EBP 3.5 for rollout in SEP and we would like to replicate R/3 shipto-addresses into EBP. Specifically, we're looking to bring in delivery addresses that have been created using R/3 tcode MEAN. This way, our shoppers will be able to easily select alternate shipto-addresses.

Apparently, there is a way to either replicate R/3 delivery addresses into EBP or import them. All this according to an SAP-Forum expert. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get a reply from this SAP expert, so I was wondering if you might have an idea as to how to do this or perhaps can point to some documentation. I wasn't able to find a customizing object or a program that would do this.
Yes, there is a way to replicate the R/3 delivery addresses into EBP (Really more of an import than a real replication process). You need to use a BADI. I believe it is BBP_NONR3_ADDRESS. Basically, with the assistance of this BADI you can import the addresses from a FLAT file or implement ALE (Hopefully not) and once the addresses are imported the BADI places them in a Internal table - then your users can pull these addresses via the shopping cart interface under the "Delivery Address" tab. Look through the BADI documentation for more details. I'm not sure how many addresses or organization structure nodes you're dealing with, but the initial part of mapping the R/3 addresses with the Org Nodes and Company Codes is a bit of a pain. Nevertheless, this is probably the only way, so unless SAP comes out with possibly a better option in release 4.5 this is it. Hope this is what you were looking for.

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