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Replacing old TemSe transfer procedures with ALE

According to note 560301: "The HR posting transfer offers a transfer by means of a TemSe file to link older SAP HR and accounting systems. When the old releases (< 4.0) expire, the maintenance of the TemSe procedure for the HR posting transfer expires in ALL releases." But we use this TemSe procedure (prog. RPCIPX00, RPCIPT00) to extract a flat file that we send to externs accountancy (i.e. not SAP FI)! Do you have any other solution you think we should try to use?

Since I have spent the better part of my career as a developer I would normally tell you to take that route and get it done before the support expires. However, this is a very difficult undertaking as I know from having to write one of these puppies to a JD Edwards system before. Luckily that is what ALE is for and I believe it does support the problem you have. Take a look at note 121614 for the needed implementation information. ALE is going to be much easier to support in the long run as well with actual error logging tools.

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