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Remedy and reason for a full transaction log file in SAP 4.7 SQL Server

Wondering why your transaction log file is full? How about how to empty it? Basis adminstration expert Giovanni Davila advises a user how to empty the log file and set up an alert that triggers a transaction log backup.

I am using SAP 4.7 SQL Server 2000, and the transaction log file filled up last night. How do I empty the transaction log file and how do I determine the reason for filling up the log file?
If the database is in recovery mode "full", you need to back up the transaction log. This will do the appropriate checkpoints and empty it.

If the database is in recovery mode "simple", you can simply truncate the transaction log by issue a "backup log with truncate_only" or a "backup log with no_log".

Take a look at the SQL Server books online for more detailed information.

You can read the SQL Server logs and the System Log in SAP to see if you can find out what exactly caused the transaction log to fill up. It could be that there was an open transaction that never got committed. You can also run "dbcc opentran" next time, as soon as you see this problem. But, hopefully you will not get this problem again. The best thing is to set up an alert that triggers a transaction log backup if the log fills up to a determined percentage, like 80%.

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