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Relevance and usability of infosets

Why aren't infosets cutting the mustard? Jay Narayanan discusses the limitations of infosets and how to overcome them.

We recently tried to create an infoset using the sales order number as the key (the business partner table does not have the line number).

Our efforts were frustrated by the inability of BW to give us correct results, even when we changed tables for the outer join. It turned out quicker to add the extra fields and reload the data.

Any comments?

Infosets may not be used in all kind of scenarios. It can be used to address the limitation in Multiprovider where the infocubes are unions not joins. Good for ODSs with header, item and schedule line kind of scenarios. Also ODSs can be joined with Master data objects. But there are still some limitations like the problem with designing multi value attributes.

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