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Refreshing training clients

Our current process for refreshing our training clients (set up by our Basis Consultant who has since moved on) is to delete any clients used during the day, then copy from a master training client. This is kind of a pain because you can't schedule a delete and a copy for the same client in advance. We currently schedule all of the deletes, then log in later in the evening to schedule the copies.

Is it necessary to delete a client before refreshing it with a client copy, or does sccl take care of that well? Is there a better way to keep training clients fresh? The next phase of training will be just before our next rollout, so there will be a bunch of transports and reloading from tape probably isn't an option.

No, actually a client copy wipes out the target client. So, there is no need to first delete the client and then start the copy. However, in some environments the copy process may take a long time when the client-copy deletes the client first. Maybe this is why your consultant recommended a deletion first.

I have only deleted clients prior to a copy so I can determine the free disk left on the database and to time the copy process. Otherwise, all my refresh jobs simply run the local or remote copy.

I recommend you schedule a period job where you just perform the client copy. I see no need whatsoever to delete the training clients first.

By the way, all client copy profiles wipe out the target system. The only exception is SAP_USER, which copies the user master records.

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