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Redirecting incoming HR IDocs to multiple systems

Learn how to forward incoming IDocs through SAP and non-SAP systems.

Can I forward incoming HR IDocs to another system?

I have two non-HR systems. They are supposed to run lots of workflows, and HR data for that will be coming from an external HR system by means of HR ALE distribution. The problem is that the HR data will be sent only to one of my systems (system A). Can I have the incoming IDocs forwarded to the other system (system B) in addition to regular processing in system A?

I can see there is a standard workflow task IDOC_FORWARD (30000483). Is this the right way to go? Is there somewhere in the SALE transaction where I can set up forwarding? Thank you very much in advance!

To forward an incoming HR IDoc to another system you can use the process code ED08 in the partner profile; ED08 will call function IDOC_FORWARD via workflow task WS30000483. IDOC_FORWARD will forward the IDoc to all recipients as defined in a matching ALE scenario in SALE.

If you wanted to redirect an IDoc (e.g., for testing) you can also copy IDOC_FORWARD and simple call IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS in the destination system via RFC.

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