Recovering a deleted delta

Expert Sam Gassem suggests means by which a lost delta might be restored.

How can I recover a deleted Delta? The original delta load was accidentally erased and it is not possible to restore this ID request. Then I need to do a delta restoration for the lost day.
You can reload it from PSA; this is the easy way if PSA has not been deleted. If PSA has been deleted, then you can recover the data to some extent by using the following steps:

1. Write an ABAP Program on the R/3 side to read the change document tables for the date range and create a flat file.

2. Fill the setup tables on the R/3 side for this order range.

3. Create a copy ODS and modify the update rules to delete the orders from the data package that are not in the flat file (load this from Unix in the start routine).

4. Load the Copy ODS using FULL load option and then move the data from here to the original ODS.

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