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Recording answers and doing silent install for SAP 4.6D GUI on NT

How can I record answers and then do a silent install for the SAP 4.6D GUI on NT. I found this information but do not know the package name. There's 3 command lines needed:
1. If you do have a GUI 4.5B or earlier already installed on the local PC, you should run SAPSWEEP to clean up the Windows registry. The command is:
>Installation server>Netinst SAPSWEEP /all /y /nocancel /delsubdirs /delregkeys
2. To install the GUI use command: NetinstSapSetup.exe /p:"Package name" /install /noDialog /silent
3. To automatically apply patches you have installed on the Installation server add the following command to your logon script: Netinst sapsetup.exe /Intellimode /CheckDB /p:

You can create your own packages using "SAP Admin", which is the program set up after running an "Installation of a Server" SAPGUI setup. So, all answers: predefined parameters, conditions and components are recorded using SAP Admin.

SAPsweep.exe is a convenient, easy-to-use tool available at SAPServX that helps you un-install all versions of SAPGUI in a computer.
The most common parameters are /all /y.
Example: sapsweep /all /y
This removes all SAPGUI versions and it answers "yes" to all questions.

In SAPGUI 4.6x and 6.x you can run NETSETUP /? to obtain help and see all the possible switches.
If you have for example create a package called "MYSAPGUI" then you can run NETSETUP interactively or better yet, in "silent" mode, which is what you're asking. Here is how:

netsetup /p:"MYSAPGUI" /intellimode /checkdb /silent

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