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Recommended reading for implementation of SAP BW 3.5

Discover books and resources to help with an SAP BW implementation of version 3.5 in this expert tip.

Can you recommend any books for implementation of BW 3.5? I've seen three or four on BW 3.5 but I don't feel they focus on the implementation process. I've seen "SAP BW: A Step-by-step Guide," by Biao Fu and Henry Fu, but that's for BW 3.0, and "Mastering the SAP Business Information Warehouse," by Kevin MacDonald, but that's from 2002.
Norbert Egger has written some good books on BW 3.5. Some of his books include SAP BW Data Modeling, SAP BW Professional, SAP BW Data Retreival and SAP BW Planning and Simulation. Select any of these books depending on your area of interest and you should find some good information.
This was last published in February 2006

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