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Recommended books on mySAP eProcurement

Sachin Sethi weighs in on the dearth of book books on mySAP eProcurement.

Do you recommend any books on mySAP eProcurement?

Unfortunately SAP has not yet published any decent books on this topic yet. The problem lies in the nature of the constant development of the SAP eProcurement solution. The product has been changed so rapidly and extensively that there is not a very efficient fashion that a book might be published...But I'd advise you to check on SAPNet in https://service.sap.com/srm. There are a few good presentations to pull/download that start from the eProcurement landscape definition & scope to further discussion about SAP eProcurement. Another good source is Gartner Group. If you have access to their website, they have published some good articles on eProcurment and which and how the players rank in this space of the market segment.

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