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Recommendation: SAP R/3 Internet Sales or SAP CRM Internet Sales?

Learn CRM expert Srini Katta's recommendation between SAP R/3 Internet Sales or SAP CRM Internet Sales in this reader Q and A.

Can you compare mySAP R/3 Internet Sales and mySAP CRM E-commerce? I get the impression that R/3 Internet Sales is simpler to implement and provides access to the R/3 backend without having to publish or replicate data, while CRM requires it.

I think R/3 Internet Sales gives you options to use 'Index Server' and IPC (Internet Pricing and Configurator) but I do not think they are required to get catalog and pricing data. Are they? Specifically, if a customer is browsing his catalog and requires his price to be displayed before he commits to ordering (but not necessarily while he is browsing his catalog), do we need to use R/3 Internet Sales?

The mySAP CRM suite has a 360-degree view of the customer from marketing to sales, and also offers after-sales service support. The first question one should raise: What customer-facing modules are needed to conduct business successfully? I would recommend SAP R/3 Internet Sales over SAP CRM Internet Sales if you don't see your company implementing full-blown SAP CRM functionality.

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